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Pure Tuscany

Pure Tuscany

Sometimes considered a “nation in a nation” because of its firm linguistic and cultural identity where people often consider themselves Tuscans ahead of Italians, Tuscany holds seven Unesco World Heritage Sites and you will touch 5 of them on this tour: The historical center of Florence, San Gimignano, Pienza, Siena and the Val D’Orcia countryside.

All of these stunning beauties, the delicious food and the fabulous wines, some of them ranked among the best in the whole world, will be part of the Pure Tuscany destination trip.

This tour is a 7-day trip experience in which you’ll be able to enjoy and unwind in the latest and most comfortable Mercedes vehicle. Up to you to decide if on a complete private tour, semi-private small party tour.

Arrival in Florence – Montalcino - San Quirico d’Orcia

At your arrival in Florence you’ll be greeted by one of our excellent English-Speaking Drivers to start your amazing trip. Move on to Montalcino and explore this romantic fairytale village set within fortified walls and remained practically untouched since the 16th century.

Proceed to San Quirico d’Orcia, the perfect embodiment of the quintessential Tuscan town, enclosed by its defensive walls, is a wonderful example of medieval urban planning. Overnight in this fascinating hilltop town, with its mixed medieval and Renaissance architecture, together with art, its picturesque alleys and the splendid Horti Leonini gardens.

Maremma – Sorano – Pitigliano – Civita di Bagnoregio

Discover one of the most beautiful off the beaten tracks parts of Tuscany: the extraordinary open-land of Maremma. Your private or small group tour will leave a surreal experience visiting Sorano (known as the Matera of Tuscany) and Pitigliano (known as the small Jerusalem). The two towns, whose origins are lost in the mists of time, perched on volcanic high rocks with breathtaking panoramas.

End your day in Civita di Bagnoregio, the “dying city”, one of the most spectacular cities of Italy because of its breath-taking position clinging on to a tuff hill. It’s like being in a movie set here reality and fantasy, past and present merge into a terrific daydream.

Bagno Vignoni - Pienza – Montepulciano

The ravishing landscape of Val D’Orcia is so pure to be listed in the Unesco World Heritage list. Its swirling hills, scattered with cypress trees, oak forest, olive groves and vineyards are the background of many incredible historical villages and today, driving through this marvelous open beauty, you will visit the charming Bagno Vignoni, a picturesque spa resort known since Etruscan times. Proceed to Pienza to stroll along the paved paths of the “Renaissance ideal city” created as per Pope Pius II’s desires.

After lunch in a typical farmhouse departure to Montepulciano: an iconic medieval hilltop town famous all over the world thanks to its art masterpieces and for its excellent “Nobile” red wine.

End your day trip in a warm sunset cuddle of the romantic Siena.

Siena - Chianti

Discover the endless beauty of this city, world-known for its masterpieces of art, towers, castles and home to the most famous bareback horse ride “Il Palio”.

Breath the mystic atmosphere walking along its ancient alleys, discover the greatest floor ever inlaid by the human kind, as Vasari defined it, and find the courage to see Saint Catherine’s mummified head. Relax in an evocative castle enjoying excellent a traditional Tuscan lunch and delicious Chianti wines.

Take in the fabulous scenery of the Chianti with its vineyards, rolling hills and green forests and breath the warm hospitality of its enchanting ancient villages framed by their defensive walls and fortresses where time has stopped.

San Gimignano - Florence

Placed on a hilltop this splendid well preserved walled village, known as the medieval Manhattan of Tuscany, San Gimignano welcomes you with a glass of its famous white Vernaccia wine. Surrounded by the green and superb view on the valley below this gem maintained its feudal atmosphere in its center. End your day, one-in-a-life time experience as part of a small group tour of Italy or semi private tour of Italy, in Florence the capital of the Tuscan region that was once the cradle of Italian Renaissance. Its masterpieces of art and architecture will be mixed with endless secrets and extraordinary stories.


Admire the monumental historical attractions of this splendid open-air museum visiting marvelous squares, churches and museums among which the unique Uffizi Gallery and the Gallery of the Fine Arts to admire the renowned masterpieces: the Michelangelo’s David.

Together with your guide you will discover hidden secrets, contradictions and the most authentic culinary specialities.

Farewell dinner in a rooftop terrace admiring the Florentine skyline.


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